Kwali Mark Construction Team

The dynamic Kwali Mark Construction team consists of individuals who have experience in their respective areas and strive for excellence in every situation. We are an intimate team with the majority of employees working here for 10 years or more, which in turn produces long lasting relationships with our clients. We consider ourselves the one-stop-shop for building your dream home.

“Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.”

Steve Jobs


Kwali Mark Construction - Marius van der Westhuizen

Marius van der Westhuizen                 
Business Manager 

Marius started at the company in 2004, and is responsible for the day to day running of the business. Marius has a broad experience and ensures the successful completion of all projects by proactively managing the process. Marius is determined to deliver the best quality products to our customers while ensuring that it delivers in scope and on time. 

Kwali Mark Construction - Niel Steyn

Niel Steyn                                                  Costings

Niel completed his Diploma in Civil Engineering before starting at Kwali Mark Construction in 2006. Niel is also registered as a Draughtsperson at SACAP. He is in charge of costing and procurement for each project. He also liaises with clients to determine their needs for the project. Niel is always willing to lend a helping and go the extra mile for clients.

Kwali Mark Construction - Eugene Nortje

Eugene Nortje                                                Finances and Human Resources

Eugene Nortje completed his Diploma in Cost and Accounting Management before starting at Kwali Mark Construction in 2005. Eugene ensures that the finances are looked after and he also manages the Human Resources of the company. Eugene is passionate about is job and the people around him.

Kwali Mark Construction - Talitha Marais

Talitha Marais                                                Health and Safety Officer, Administration and Marketing

Talitha has been with Kwali Mark Construction since 2014. Talitha has since completed her HASPRAC qualification and is registered as a Candidate Construction Health and Safety Officer at SACPCMP. Talitha supports all personnel on site and in the office to ensure their safety and company compliance with the Health and Safety regulations.

Kwali Mark Construction - Elzanne Nortje

Elzanne Nortje                                                Client relations and Administration

Elzanne started at Kwali Mark Construction in 2007. Elzanne completed her HASPRAC qualification and is registered as a Candidate Construction Health and Safety Officer at SACPCMP. She has an excellent eye for detail and assist the clients with making choices for their future home or property.

Kwali Mark Construction - Pierre Lombaard

Pierre Lombard                                                Project Coordinator

Pierre started at Kwali Mark Construction in 2015. He oversees all the projects and ensures that the projects are running smoothly and are of the best quality. He works closely with Marius and the Site Managers to ensure that projects are delivered on time and in scope.

Kwali Mark Construction - Simphiwe Plaaitjie

Simphiwe Plaaitjie
Site Manager

Simphiwe Plaatjie began at Kwali Mark Construction in 2005 as a labourer. He has since worked himself up from a construction vehicle operator to a Site Manager, running his own site. Plaatjie has an immense desire to continue to learn and improve his knowledge and take on more responsibility, making him a valued member of the team.

Kwali Mark Construction - Riaan van der Westhuizen

Riaan van der Westhuizen                              Site Manager

Riaan van der Westhuizen started at the company in 2018. He has completed his First Aid Training and is also a Fire Team Member. Riaan has a lot of dedication and commitment towards the company.


Kwali Mark Construction is committed to safety above all else. To us, no project is successful unless it is built safely. We believe that through proper planning and training, employee engagement and empowerment, and constant vigilance, we can ensure that everyone leaves the jobsite in the same condition that they arrived.

Kwali Mark Construction CC - Talitha Marais


Kwali Mark Construction - Health & Safety - Training
Kwali Mark Construction - Health & Safety - Training

Ongoing training has always been one of the essentials to our commitment to quality and to the upliftment of our employees. This will ensure continued growth and success within our organization. Effective training contributes to both personal growth and quality of workmanship.

Training focus points:

Health & Safety Reps                 Drivers
First Aiders                                 Scaffold inspectors/erectors
Machine Operators                   Draughtsman
Fire Team Members                  Estate Agents